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Visiting Hours & Policies

As a visitor to St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, you play an important role in the hospital experience of your loved one. We try to keep a balance of allowing family and friends with our patients, while maintaining an atmosphere of privacy, serenity and healing. With that in mind, here are a few helpful pieces of information on our visitation policy.

Please limit the number of visitors in pre-operation areas, waiting areas and patient rooms as they will not comfortably accommodate large groups of people. Both new moms and surgical patients will require a great deal of rest and will most likely sleep through most of the first day after surgery or delivery.

During procedures, visitors should wait in the surgical waiting room or in the adjacent areas.

We ask that children under the age of 12 not visit in the pre-operation area. We understand that children are very important, but please take a few minutes at home or in the waiting area to have some quiet, quality time.

Out of respect for patients’ privacy, please stay behind the curtain of the cubicles in pre-operation areas and in patient rooms.


Number of Visitors 

Hours of Visitation

Labor/Delivery     Three People, no children under the age of 12 other than siblings of the newborn


Mom/Baby Unit Significant other, siblings, grandparents, plus two others


High Risk OB Significant other, siblings, plus two


Surgery Significant other, siblings, plus two

7am - 9pm

Chemotherapy Significant other only


Pre-Op One person with patient until surgery


Recovery One designated person in stage I for Cesarean deliveries. One visitor at a time in stage II.


NICU Two at bedside. NICU is open to parents, grandparents and siblings 12 years and older. All other NICU visitors must be accompanied by the infant's parent. No visitors allowed during physician rounds or shift changes.


Please Note: All visitors must stop at Security Desk to receive a visitor's pass. 

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